Hello Developers!

The second version of the Qordoba API is an exciting step forward for both you and us—helping you more easily access the power of our creative community from within your own platform, with most of the features and customizations that you would have using our enterprise portal.
We believe that when you pay for human translation, you should only expect the best—which are why our human translation options via the API is no different in quality from our standard service.


Qordoba provides a number of key translation functions through the Qordoba API, using REST requests. The client library manages these requests. The API implements OAuth2.0 over HTTPS.

The requests can be accomplished using different methods: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. The response types can be captured in json and xml formats.

The API methods are separated into two categories: Services, which includes methods involving your account and specific settings; and Translations, which includes methods on translation projects. Details on implementation can be found in the Endpoints section.


Step 1: Sign up for a test account at test.webservices.qordoba.com/register .

Step 2: Use your test account to get a test access token to test your code on the demo server.
Remember: You can test in our Endpoints section, too.

The demo server is going to return machine-translated text for you to test in your application.

Step 3: From within your account at test.webservices.qordoba.com, request to go live. We will ask you some basic questions at this time (language pairs, expected daily volume, and required turnaround times) to calculate your bulk pricing. Accounts are billed in arrears on a monthly basis.

Turnaround times are dependent on volume and language pair, but as a benchmark, most of our API clients will call between 500-1,500 words per hour per language pair.

Step 4: You’ll be notified via email when you are live, with your new log in details. You’ll then be accessing your account via the live server and your live credentials.

End Points