The world’s smartest companies use Qordoba to build incredible localized experiences for their global users

Our customers’ success is our top priority. We partner closely with our customers across their engineering, product and marketing teams and work proactively to ensure they achieve their goals.

“Localization is an important part of our growth strategy and Qordoba has enabled us to run at a scale and speed that would have otherwise been impossible.”

Head Of Product

“Qordoba allows us to produce locally relevant content at a scale we simply would not have been able to do otherwise. Their product has become an integral part of how we globalize our marketing.”

Media Manager

“Qordoba’s tools for PMs and engineers has helped us deploy new features easily across all our target markets.”

Lead Software Engineer

“Qordoba’s platform enables Netskope to reach target geographies in their local language. Localized content makes a tremendous difference I the quality of interactions with prospects, customers and partners in-country.”

VP, Marketing

“Having an app that is localized, not just translated, makes a big difference in user adoption and engagement. The kind of collaboration required to do that is hard to do outside of Qordoba.”

CEO & Founder

The Qordoba GitHub integration means our engineers never have to worry about localization – it just magically happens.

Afik Cohen
Senior Engineer

We love our customers!

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