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Ankit Jain
Lead Software Engineer,

“Qordoba’s tools for PMs and engineers helps us deploy new features easily across all our target markets.”

The best way to internationalize your apps

Extend your global brand with authentic native messages for each locale

Continuous localization

Make localization a part of your development flow, saving valuable resources and ensuring a great user experience for your global users

Better UX

Eliminate localization bugs with powerful app emulators that your non-technical team members can use

Flexible integration

An ecosystem of plugins, SDKs, and API libraries makes integrating Qordoba into your stack easy and fast

Continuous localization for faster development

The best dev teams have turned localization into a complete advantage. Join them

Continuous localization for faster development

The best dev teams have turned localization into a complete advantage. Join them

Install Qordoba app into your app

Installation method depends on framework and whether app is internationalized yet or not; we have solutions for both.

Localize the market leading translation

With each new build, automatically send untranslated strings to Qordoba’s translations management platform.

Integrate updated resource files

Updated resource files are synced back to your application in real-time or on-demand, based on your preferences.

Build localized products without the needless complexity

Great globalized software starts with engineers, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating to build robust localization workflows. Qordoba’s platform makes it simple with options that fit any framework and development process:

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<script src="//qcdn.qordoba.com/qordoba-latest.min.js"></script> <script> Qordoba.init({ siteKey: <authorization-token> }); </script>
gem install qordoba_ruby_sdk
npm install --save qordoba-nodejs-sdk
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$ qordoba ls -> Loading qordoba config... +--------+-----------------+-----------+---------------------+---------+ | ID | NAME | #SEGMENTS | UPDATED_ON | STATUS | +--------+-----------------+-----------+---------------------+---------+ | 728068 | runtime.yaml | 6 | 2017-01-20 10:19:27 | Enabled | | 725570 | TestFileMH.json | 26 | 2016-12-21 22:40:13 | Enabled | +--------+-----------------+-----------+---------------------+---------+
git request-pull v1.0-i18n-support https://github.comproject master:for-linus

Instant localization, even if your marketing tech is not internationalized Self-hosting options, so that you serve your own global users


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Not internationalized yet? We can help.

Our developer success team is stacked with i18n experts who take a hands-on approach

I18n implementation

Qordoba uses a unique developer + machine learning approach to internationalize your code line-by-line, helping you eliminate tech debt and add language support without impacting your roadmap.

I18n developer support

Ongoing development support and training enables your team to maintain i18n code and integrate continuous localization into the development process.

Everything you need for software localization

Custom parsers support

Avoid manual string extractions by creating custom file types

String validation

Placeholder detection and validation for hundreds of software file types

Project management

Comprehensive reporting, permissions and notification features

Custom workflows

Configure workflows by content type and language pair

Enterprise search

Search and edit strings across projects, users, versions and content source

User roles

Manage both internal and external team members and vendors

Frameworks supported













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