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Localize, publish and optimize for each unique market

Scott Hogrefe
VP of marketing,

“Qordoba allows us to produce locally relevant content at a scale we simply would not have been able to do otherwise. Their product has become an integral part of how we globalize our marketing.”

The right message for the right audience

Extend your global brand with authentic native messages for each locale

Truly local

Leverage existing assets to create local presence

Designed to convert

No more cookie cutter global sites: use Q to create truly native experiences and funnels

Engineering friendly

flexible deployment options

Global power, local precision

Live Editor

Create local content, websites and webapps with drag-and-drop editing and advanced localization workflows for text, images, layout and UI.

With Qordoba, everything becomes customizable. No engineering required to make any change. All changes are logged for easy audit trail. Qordoba’s visual editor means that your product and marketing team members are able to customize copy and images without needing support from engineering.

Language is just the start

Qordoba makes it easy for marketers to customize high-converting pages for local markets, no coding required.

Localize images and banners

Create compelling content by easily localizing banners and imagery.

Customize HTML and CSS

Add, remove or customize page elements for select local country sites.

Tweak design

Easily adjust components and containers for languages that are too long or too short.

Intelligent global funnels

So far, global marketing has been an all-or-nothing effort. Not anymore.

Marketers can turn assets on and off by market — allowing for truly customized experiences for local audiences, and use content localization budgets effectively. Adding languages on the fly or removing or adding content to existing language sites is as simple as flipping a settings switch.

Optimize for global search

Using machine learning and your own data to increase global traffic

Qordoba builds in SEO tools into the localization workflow, increasing discoverability and creating well-indexed content across your localized sites

Empower local marketing with content fresh off the press

Keep all of your global sites in sync

Whether you chose to publish it or not, Qordoba’s LiveSync functionality ensures that all of the content live on your HQ site makes it into the localized sites – and you can decide whether to take it in-country or not

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