Why Qordoba

Qordoba is a SaaS platform for building localized products and content. We're the fastest way to go from one market to ten, without the usual localization headaches.

Global access

Our mission is for every product to be in every language, by default.

With increasing Internet access, smartphone adoption and disposable incomes, it has never been more exciting to take a product global to the world’s 3B connected people.

Just one problem: these global consumers are more sophisticated, with higher usability expectations for the technology and content they consume, than ever before — making true localization a necessity.

But localization is still stuck in the past: difficult for engineers, product managers, and global marketers.

This is why we exist. Qordoba’s platform makes it possible to go from “we’ll go international next year” to “what market is next?”

We combine powerful, easy-to-install integrations for engineers with intuitive interfaces for the non-technical members of your team: and the result is the ability to add markets easily when the time is right.

Qordoba supports your
entire global go-to-market journey

A global go-to-market strategy is a lot of work. Across design, product, engineering and marketing teams, it’s challenging. It puts pressure on all teams to think globally and support users in multiple markets.

There are no shortcuts. Companies who are successful at penetrating new markets transform themselves into local market experts.

Doing this in a scalable way requires a new way of thinking.

What we mean by scalable: serve a market that is 10x bigger with the same size team.

How can you integrate thinking about your global users every day? Qordoba helps you do this by powering up all of the tools you already use to serve your global users. It gives your whole stack the super power of global. We do this by integrating multi-language support into all of your own applications and those you use to support your customers.

We are a product company

Qordoba's software platform helps you:

…in Design: Build localized branding and marketing collateral; design localized interfaces and digital products.

with: Integrations to your creative tools that create instantly localized assets

… in Software Development: Build software that supports global users and won’t slow down your release cycles

with: Easy-to-use SDKs, libraries and a rest API for code internationalization, string localization, real-time chat translation, and more

… in Customer Support: Build content and infrastructure to support a multilingual user base

with: Text analytics, sentiment analysis, and helpdesk integrations

… in User Feedback: Build global user feedback and testing into your product development

with: Qordoba’s network of in-country copywriters, translators and testers

Why enabling content creators matters

The designers, copywriters and translators on your team are the front lines of helping you enter and grow in new markets.

You would never outsource your English-language messaging or product interface copy to a nameless, faceless external person: yet that is what companies do all the time when they localize their content.

Qordoba Enables

  • Designers to customize experiences for local audiences
  • Copywriters to create compelling copy, using source material as reference, rather than dogma
  • Translators to connect with content owners and the products they are localizing

The result is better products, messaging, content — and a better experience for your users.

With powerful team and project management tools, Qordoba makes it easy to combine content strategies for ultimate flexibility

  • Internal: Use in-house local content writers or language champions
  • External: Contract freelance local writers and translators
  • Outsourced: Use a language services vendor to manage content creation

Ai Parlow
Independent Japanese

“Qordoba’s platform has made my copywriting and translation job much easier. It’s the best localization tool I’ve used.”

Why enabling engineers matters

Getting software into the world and iterating on it quickly based on user feedback: though this is the lifeblood of product and digital teams, this formula collapses when it comes to global users.

in world

Build products that solve problems. If it’s a global problem, people anywhere will want it. We’re still far from a world where those products are in every language by default


Release features that improve your  product and user experience. CI/CD becomes more challenging when you are in +10 human languages


Talk to users to improve the product. This becomes hard for teams to do across borders – so non-English requests are rarely heard, though they could be +50% of the user base



Companies with traditional localization workflows deploy 72% less often than companies whose products are in a single language only. Going global can be a huge drain on engineering resources unless it’s done right.

Dev stack

Qordoba makes globalizing software easier by turning it into a microservice, part of a dev stack:

Qordoba is relentless about building the easiest, most developer-friendly tools and services to enable engineers to quickly and easily globalize their products.

How we use machine learning

We believe many more products would be available in many more languages if localization was easier. We use machine learning across our platform to help customers achieve that goal.

Two of these services are also offered via a restAPI, ready to be integrated into third-party applications:


Qordoba’s SmartSuggest technology is our proprietary adaptive machine translation. Built on top of neural machine translation algorithms and a data set in the trillions of words, it allows for new human input, via new content edits and corrections in Qordoba, to improve the underlying model in real-time. Because Qordoba trains SmartSuggest with a customer’s own data, the result is highly customized by domain, audience and content source — SmartSuggest for your marketing copy is different than that for your app interface or product information.

Affect detection

Affect detection is the ability to understand the primary emotion that content evokes. It utilizes natural language processing techniques in order to identify the emotion most likely to be associated with a specific combination of words. Different markets can have different reactions to similar content, so it is important for marketers to ensure that their message is being received as intended. Qordoba offers an affect detection API for +40 languages, which is being used by customers to write more impactful localized copy and to allow customers to parse through high volumes of  unstructured multilingual data generated by their users.

Here’s an example of a typical English marketing sentence: “The house is in a killer location, right in the center of the city.” The second sentence is a straight German translation of the English, and the third sentence is the localization, automatically generated via Qordoba:


Together, SmartSuggest and our affect detection technology are helping customers localize, not just translate, their messages and brand. It’s a powerful combination.

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