Intelligent localization for global companies

Qordoba is the best platform for building truly localized products

Global success requires local thinking

Global success requires being German in Germany and Japanese in Japan. Whether you are building software or managing marketing, Qordoba’s powerful machine learning and content creation tools can help you build better localized products. Some of the world’s leading brands are already building scalable content strategies on top of Qordoba’s technology, helping them win over global users.

Global companies need to succeed everywhere

We believe that true localization rethinks the product ground-up — and Qordoba is built to help you do that


Collaboration & project management tools — because localization lives between teams


Engineering-approved integrations for everything, for scalable, continuous localization

Machine Learning

Localize references, place names, emotion, and tone — in addition to language — for content that resonates across language and borders

Qordoba's platform can localize your entire stack

Create consistent experiences across all your channels for your global users

Machine learning in localization works


Increase in local in-store traffic

“Truly localized social media content has had an incredible impact on our ability to draw shoppers to our stores.”

Sofia Nehaoua,
Media manager


+ 180%

Faster development cycles

“Qordoba’s tools for PMs and engineers has helped us deploy new features easily across all our target markets.”

Ankit Jain,
Lead software engineer



Increase in go-to-market speed

“Localization is an important part of our growth strategy and Qordoba has enabled us to run at a scale and speed that would have otherwise been impossible.”

Derrick Pereira,
Head of product

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