The Qordoba Strings
Intelligence Platform

Manage the most important part
of UX–words.

Words matter.

Every application’s words live as text strings in source code, accessible only by engineers. The Qordoba Strings Intelligence Platform enables product teams to create, edit and update product content without asking engineers for help. Now anyone can create compelling user experiences by managing all of the words in their products.

Use cases

Content AI

Analyze and measure your copy for brand consistency, emotion, tone, spelling and grammar.

Strings management

Make every application’s words accessible and customizable across platforms, channels, and teams.


Scale fast by customizing product content for global audiences.

Persona-based Content

Map, measure and manage your content against your audience profiles.

Qordoba unlocks text strings
from source code.

Qordoba makes application content accessible and editable, to non-developer
product team members.

Content layer
Domain specific tools
Storage API
App services
Infrastructure services
PaaS / app lifecycle
Container service
Automated infrastructure


100% scriptable
Automate everything


Meets the most stringent security requirements


Well-documented stable API

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Integrated with popular
technologies and platforms

Enterprise scale


Words published


Text strings managed


API calls per month


Keys generated for customers

Words matter. Request a demo.