The Qordoba Software Localization Cloud

Localization for developers,
so you can manage text like code

Manage text like code

The Qordoba Localization Cloud is the first localization platform built for developers. Use AI to extract, manage, measure and localize your text strings, in every application, platform and language.

Text Intelligence

Automatically extract strings from code

Automate the most tedious and error-prone engineering task: extracting strings from source code.

The Qordoba String Extractor is AI that reads your code, extracts strings and replaces them with keys.

  • Works across dozens of frameworks and programming languages
  • Understands dynamic strings
  • ML-based algorithm learns from your code
  • Integrated directly into GitHub

Write consistent copy in every language

Qordoba Text Intelligence analyzes and measures your copy for brand consistency, emotional tone, style, vocabulary, and grammar.

Our Text Intelligence AI is trained with tens of millions of phrases across 23 languages.

  • Analyze emotional tone of copy
  • Ensure consistent product personality
  • Maintain standards for tone of voice
  • Measure brand consistency
  • Compare copy across applications, platforms and 23 languages

Augmented localization

Qordoba’s localization platform integrates with your team and your technology stack, providing unprecedented quality, speed, and control over your localization projects.

Custom workflows and notifications integrate your distributed teams and dashboards and reports keep the whole team informed and up to date.

  • Enterprise-scale workflows, security, and capacity
  • Integrated with hundreds of technology frameworks, platforms, and tools
  • Leverage Machine Translation to drive down costs over time
  • Translate into any language

Developer Focused

Save time by automating routine developer tasks

Localization layer
Domain specific tools
Storage API
App services
Infrastructure services
PaaS / app lifecycle
Container service
Automated infrastructure


100% scriptable
Automate everything


Meets the most stringent security requirements


Well-documented stable API

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Integrated with your
development environment, technologies, and platforms

Enterprise scale


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