Manage strings via script.

Manage everything from your terminal

Automate the development process

Use Qordoba’s CLI with a CI tool to automate strings management


Use parameters to build any path for pushing and pulling strings

Open Source

Code for the Qordoba CLI client is open source and available on GitHub.

Step 1: Installation

pip install qordoba

Install the CLI tool on your system and authenticate using your Qordoba organization and project details.

Step 2: Start workflow with a single command

qordoba init --organization-id 1234

Link to your strings repository in Qordoba, where both source and translation files can be managed and edited.

Step 3: Push and pull resource files

qor pull

Use Qordoba’s push and pull commands to sync source and translation files to your application.

Step 4: Add to your CI/CD pipeline

Install your configured CLI tool in your CI/CI pipeline to automate string resources in your build process.

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