Content AI:

Map, measure and manage your product’s voice.

The best products have personality. Amplify yours.

Create a styleguide that fits your company’s brand voice, and Qordoba will measure existing and new product content against your specifications.

Qordoba Content AI  checks spelling and grammar and measures brand, tone and emotion across 21 languages.

Speak to users in a single, unified voice.

Product content is typically written by different authors, on different teams, using different technologies — resulting in inconsistent product voices. Qordoba’s Content AI benchmarks application content according to a single Styleguide you establish.

Understand – and fix – content outliers

Qordoba AI visually represents content outliers, helping you zero in on the most urgent and impactful content fixes including spelling or grammar errors or emotion, tone or brand deviations.

Words matter. Request a demo.