Qordoba for Developers


Automate Strings Management

No more requests from Product Managers and Product Content Strategists for text string updates or changes – that’s what we can offer. The Qordoba Platform provides self-service for non-developer team members to access and change text strings without touching your code.

You just have to sync the changes via CLI, IDE, GitHub, Bitbucket, or one of our other integrations.

Strings management is the future

Maintaining spreadsheets is so 20th century. Making one-off updates in source is not ideal.
Why not let your Product Manager and Copywriting team take this off your plate.

How it works

  • Create keys and values - keys replace text strings in source, values are the editable strings - or import your existing key/value pairs

  • Upload to Qordoba via one of our integrations, CLI or API

  • Give access to team members and let them search, edit and change text strings directly

  • Let us push changes to GitHub or Bitbucket (so you can merge) or pull via CLI, IDE or API

No one will mess with your code

Controlled access to strings in the Qordoba UI means no one ever touches source code

Integrated with GitHub and Bitbucket

All text string changes are synced via SCM

Strings management, scripted

100% automatable via CLI

Universal Connectivity

Works with your whole development stack


Everybody else does the copy work, you push the merge button when it’s time

Robust, well-documented API

Manage your strings in any environment


Strings published

2,400 years

Developer time saved


API calls per month


Сustomer loyalty

Words matter. Request a demo.