Qordoba for Developers

The only software localization platform built for developers


Automate everything

Don’t let localization slow you down: Maintain speed and gain control of your localization projects Unlike traditional Translation Management Systems, Qordoba integrates with your key appdev platforms and technologies, enabling developers to build localized apps while staying focused in the platforms they know

Automate everything

100% automatable via CLI

Robust, well documented API

Build custom localization capabilities

Integrated with GitHub

Localize directly from your development environment

Universal Connectivity

Largest set of technology integrations–we work with your whole development stack

Workflow automations

Integrate your entire team and accelerate the whole process

Automatic String Extraction through Machine Learning

Automatic String Extraction through Machine Learning


Enterprise Scale


Words published


Lines of code generated for customers


API calls per month

Developer Focused

Dedicated developer support, robust API,
great documentation

Manage text like code

  • Create a library of text

  • Version your text

  • Organize scattered files

  • Localize faster

  • Work inside your favorite tools

  • Eliminate tedious, error-prone, manual work

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