Qordoba String Extractor

Automate the most tedious and error-prone localization task:

extracting strings from source code

Focus on what matters

Don’t spend thousands of hours internationalizing code by hand – there’s AI for that.

The Qordoba String Extractor is AI that reads your code, extracts strings and replaces them with keys. It’s smart enough to understand what frameworks and programming languages you are using, and learns from your coding patterns.

Internationalize your code in 3 steps

Each of these steps can be run from Qordoba’s CLI or built into your CI process.

Step 1: Extract

qor extract

Use the Qordoba ‘extract’ command to identify the local directory path where you have files that need to be localized.

Step 2: Generate

qor generate

Use the Qordoba ‘generate’ command to generate the keys (QUIDs) for the content that was extracted. The extraction can be modifed to exclude content that you don’t want in your resource file.

Step 3: Execute

qor execute

Use the Qordoba ‘execute’ command to replace the strings in your source code with the generated keys.


Move fast and rest assured.

Open source

Open for inspection

Run locally

Control external access

No third parties

No third party access to your code


Qordoba String Extractor supports multiple languages and frameworks, with more on the way.

Words matter. Request a demo.