Qordoba Global Insights

Data-driven decisions on what markets to enter next

Localization choices made clear

Qordoba Global Insights provides the clarity to decide when, where and why to localize by converging all your analytics for a 360-degree market-based view.

All your data in one place

Qordoba Global Insights aggregates all the data sources you already have by integrating with dozens of popular analytics tools and social channels.

By linking sales, marketing and localization data in a single dashboard, you can measure the success of your localization campaigns and make data-driven decisions about where to invest localization efforts.

Measure localization impact

Localization programs don’t always get their share of the go-to-market budget. Measure the impact that existing localization programs have on growing the metrics you care about, from traffic to clicks.

Share those results across the organization with beautiful and simple reports that help you tell your company’s global expansion story.

Discover potential in untapped markets

Your analytics and tracking tools show you where your existing audience is coming from, but they don’t analyze the potential in new markets.

Qordoba’s Global Insights tool gives you information on +100s of real-time key economics, demographic and business indicators to help you make decisions on market size and potential — so you can plot your next move.

Go from insight to action, fast

Shorten the decision-making cycle by turning off content that isn’t working and turning up what is.

By clicking Qordoba Global Insights with your web content in Qordoba Localize, you can build localized content strategies that respond in real-time to changing market and traffic trends.

See it in action