Augmented Localization

The Qordoba Localization Platform uses AI to provide seamless integration of machine translation, human linguists, and your own tools

One size does not fit all: Qordoba is the only localization platform that adapts to your content

Localizing software products in GitHub is different from localizing websites built in WordPress. Unlike other translation management systems, Qordoba’s localization platform understands this.

Product Localization

Build compelling products in every language

Qordoba’s localization solution for product teams is focused on tight integrations between engineering and product so that localization does not slow down development.

Qordoba’s GitHub integration, command line interface (CLI), and robust API make it easy to link your CI/CD processes and localization workflows, for faster translations and more frequent iterations.

Typical Product Customer

Marketing Localization

Qordoba’s localization solution for marketing teams enables marketers to generate more leads in the markets they care about.

Qordoba’s solution integrates with the leading content management and marketing automation systems and makes the content authoring process collaborative.

  • In-context editors so no staging environment necessary
  • Robust workflows and automations for distributed teams
  • Collaboration and messaging features

Typical Product Customer


Why Qordoba is the leading localization solution

Artificial Intelligence

  • Neural machine translation underlying proprietary system
  • Qordoba AI improves in real-time with increased use, with customers seeing +50% jumps in perfect translations within first quarter
  • Predictive typing for faster translation

Content Localization

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • In-context editors for editing web marketing
  • Linguist-friendly online CAT translation tool
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Automated QA
  • Placeholder validation and detection
  • Pluralization support

Content Management

  • Separate workspaces by file type, integration type, workflow type and language
  • Enterprise-scale tools for managing thousands of files and projects within single instance
  • Live sync to keep localization content up to date with source across whole content stack

Translation Memory and Glossary

  • Highly flexible multi-TM and termbase management
  • Change management and version tracking
  • If-this-then-that Translation Memory rules
  • TM source tracking

Team Management

  • Detailed team notification feeds
  • @ mentions for in-app messaging
  • Customizable user roles & access permissions
  • User profiles
  • Translation vendor reporting
  • Project-based access
  • Slack and other webhook integrations for team communication

Project Management

  • Comprehensive progress, leverage and velocity reports
  • Linguist payment reports
  • Detailed history and versioning
  • Customizable workflows and automations
  • QA and approval gates
  • Customizable email notifications and webhooks

Customer Success

  • Comprehensive help center
  • Self-guided tutorials across modules and function
  • On-site best-practice workshops for teams new to localization


  • SOC-2 compliant
  • SSO integration for easy user sign-in
  • Audit trails
  • Complete file and string-level activity logs
  • User activity logs

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