Qordoba for Marketers

Go global faster while maintaining control of your message

Everything marketers need to build
localized marketing programs

Every campaign, language, and region

Why we are different

Qordoba isn’t a traditional TMS provider. Our localization platform helps guide you from discovering new markets to deploying localized websites, static and dynamic content, and user generated content such as support questions and chat.

Qordoba Text Intelligence

Measure cross-platform and cross-language
brand voice consistency

Qordoba Global Insights

Converge all analytics to clarify
localization options

More and better content will win

Content authoring workflows are complex, with many sources of content, different translators, multiple reviewers in different countries, and requirements for local campaigns to have a nuanced understanding of the customer.

Qordoba enables stakeholders from around the world to access the localization projects they care about, make language changes and publish content when approved. Create custom workflows that integrate regional and country teams with headquarters departments according to your specific business requirements.

Make sure you’re on brand, even if you don’t know the language

Qordoba is the only localization platform with Text Intelligence, enabling you to quantitatively measure the emotional tone and consistency of your messages in multiple languages. It’s easy to check the emotional tone of your key brand messages in English, but difficult in 20 languages from Spanish to Chinese (both versions).

Localize all the content you want into all the languages you want

Qordoba increases both the amount of content you can translate and the number of languages you can translate into. As a marketer, you need to efficiently and quickly localize your content to support your country and regional teams, while communicating a consistent brand identity.

Generate more leads

Qordoba customers publish 10x more local content than their competitors. Publish as much content as you want across channels and into different locales in the appropriate regional dialect through the Qordoba platform. No need to employ a translator for each batch of new content or every time a single word in an article, blog or whitepaper changes. More content, more leads.

Keep everyone in the loop

Keeping your colleagues, product managers, executives and engineering counterparts up to speed on a localization project is essential. Qordoba’s dashboard gives everyone the visibility they need without constant email or meeting updates. Notifications let team members know when action is required, keeping complex localization projects moving and under control.

Control your localization costs

Qordoba becomes more efficient as you use our platform. Instead of asking a linguist to translate each word in each piece of content, every time, Qordoba automates the translation of known words, reducing the cost of translation over time. Customers report over 70% of translation cost savings over a year.

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