Qordoba for Product Managers

Build compelling products in any language

Release fast or die

Users demand more frequent releases. More frequent releases means faster development cycles. But adding languages can slow down development. Worse, localized products can be versions behind the English language release.

Qordoba’s approach enables teams to work on localization in parallel with new releases.

Make the dev team happy

Qordoba is the localization platform your developers will love. Integration with GitHub and hundreds of other developer technologies means there is no need to for developers to leave the tools they know and love to work on localization. The last thing your team needs is yet another environment to check in and out of.

It’s all about the workflow

Localization projects involve many people, from developers to writers to UI to reviewers to stakeholders. Projects bog down when handoffs aren’t crisp, or when key information isn’t easily located. Qordoba’s advanced customizable workflows, notifications and automations enable you to control your process.

Transparent localization

Localization projects are complex, with multiple languages, often in multiple countries. Different types of information needs to be tracked, communicated and shared. Not just string translations, but status, velocity, questions and comments. Qordoba’s Slack integration, custom webhooks, and email notifications keep everyone in the loop.

Don’t let legacy code slow you down

Retire your tech debt. Qordoba leverages Machine Learning to quickly scan, analyze, update and internationalize your legacy source code, enabling you to localize your legacy projects without a massive development effort.

Measure your impact

Deciding what to localize and into what target languages is a critical decision. But key data is dispersed in multiple analytics products. Popular digital tracking tools do not allow analysis by region and language. Qordoba Global Insights enables you to understand the impact of localization on user engagement, by aggregating data from multiple sources and adding languages and region analysis, all in one report.

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