Qordoba Text Intelligence:
Every word counts

Use AI to write better copy in your products – in 21 languages

The best products have personality. Learn yours.

The content within your product — interface copy, messages, and emails — is one of the best ways to connect with your users and communicate your company’s voice and brand.
Qordoba analyzes your language style, vocabulary and grammar to create a map of your product’s personality that can be used to help your team stay on-brand.

Does your application’s text follow brand intent and emotional tone guidelines? In all your languages?
Qordoba Text Intelligence provides one unifed way to measure whether your text strings are consistent with your brand voice across all of your platforms and 21 languages.

Instant content guidelines for your whole team to follow

With your product content spread across multiple web and mobile applications, and with multiple authors, from designers to engineers to product leaders, it becomes difficult to speak to your users with a single voice. By benchmarking copy across all sources to your content guidelines, content stays consistent and clear, regardless of who wrote it or where they published it.

Understand – and fix – content outliers

Qordoba’s unique AI automatically identifies potential content outliers, helping you zero in on the most urgent or impactful content fixes.
By mapping languages against one another, you can also quickly understand where your content has gone off-brand, even when you don’t understand the language yourself.
If you’re using Qordoba’s Extract or Localize products, changes you make to your copy in Qordoba will update the content in your application.

Integrated with your
development environment and tools

With dozens of native data connectors, Qordoba Text Intelligence connects across your entire stack.

Product & Support

  • Analyze product copy across all strings, emails, notifications or error messages generated by your application
  • Integrate your content with Text Intelligence via GitHub, CLI or REST API
  • Supports dozens of software frameworks


  • Analyze copy across your marketing stack, from your website to emails to ads and white papers
  • Integrate your content with Text Intelligence via GitHub, CLI, restAPI or native CMS plugins
  • Supports dozens of marketing frameworks (Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Marketo)

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