Qordoba for Translation Managers

The localization platform translation managers love

Qordoba is your platform for localization

From content editing to project management, everything you need in one place

It’s all about the workflow

Localization projects involve multiple stakeholders, from developers to translators to copywriters to reviewers. Qordoba’s customizable workflows, notifications and automations keep projects moving.

Make localization transparent

A plethora of data needs to be tracked, communicated and shared, in multiple languages, often in multiple countries. Not just source and target languages, but status, velocity, hours, comments, questions and more. Qordoba’s dashboards and reports make the data and the workflow visible to everyone.

Keep your linguists happy

Speed translations via a linguist-friendly interface with in-context information. Dashboards provide status, content notifications, and client messages. Eliminate miscommunication and delays with the translation notes messaging system. Qordoba provides customer and linguist training and support to get your team up to speed and on the same page so your localization process is clear and defined.

Keep everyone in the loop

Keeping all stakeholders informed can slow down a localization project. Qordoba’s dashboard provides real-time project status for stakeholders, eliminating the need for constant email or meeting updates. Notifications let team members know when action is required, keeping projects moving and under control.

Localize faster

Localization workflows often have many sources of content, different translators and multiple reviewers in different countries. Through Qordoba, stakeholders can access their localization projects, make language changes and publish content when approved. Custom workflows also integrate country teams with headquarters according to your requirements.

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